Saturday, September 18, 2010

My offering


I don't pretend to be a professional photographer. I don't think I know it all. And I definitely feel inadequate.

I am just trying to be a willing vessel with what has been graciously bestowed upon me. 

I have a love for people. I am obsessed (in a good way) with photography. I was recently given the most incredible gift in a long time- the camera I was dreaming of. 

I have no professional training. I do have 7 years personal practical experience. I do not have a professional standard camera. I do have the best camera I've ever owned in my life. 

I am doing the best with what I have been given. I want to use my camera to bless others.  The people we rub shoulders with over here don't have "that kind of money".  

Everyone deserves to have their life's most precious moments captured. 

If we don't give out of our poverty, then will we truly give out of our wealth?

The poor widow gave everything she had, albeit it was teeny tiny compared to the riches of her boastful neighbors. I want to practice giving, no matter what it is I have to give. 

It we're in the habit of giving, then we'll always want to give, rich or poor. 

So, even though my photographs may seem meager and fall short of perfect, it is my offering. 

And that is simply that.

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