Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why blog?

I think "sick days" are a blessing from Father in disguise. You get to do all the things you actually have been wanting to do but all the chores of life get in the way instead.

You read a book.

You gaze out the window a tad bit longer than normal. "Hey, I never noticed that!"

You think about things. Contemplate. Regather your thoughts.

You snuggle with your hubby or child just a wee bit more (as if you couldn't get enough of that anyways!)

What have I been doing mostly during my "out-of-commission-hardly-do-anything-state"?

1. Reading lots of books to Sitora
2. Watching Sitora play, then joining in (I broke down at the grocery store and bought her a cute little tea set with cups and fake food and cooking supplies... a little mommy in the making!)
3. Reading the bible app on my iphone

Since I don't have my usual umph and energy (especially that my superman is gone for a few days) I have been more, laid back you could say :) Instead of making Sitora fall asleep in her crib, I lay by her in her big-girl bed until she drifts off into dream land. Which is actually a brilliant trade-off as Sitora plays with my hair as she falls asleep! Sometimes it can take a while, and I realized that it would be a great time for me to read the bible. Except I had no light to read it with. So, whaddaya know, my new technologically advanced step in life (aka: iphone) has a free bible app to download! Eureka! So I've been reading Ecclesiastes while snuggling with my little monkey. Pure bliss.

On another note, it's been extremely difficult to fall asleep without my man around. I lay in my bed for hours counting sheep and whatnot. So late one night after fighting my insomnia, I decided to give my blog a face lift. It was way more fun that it should have been, I do confess. Therefore, I actually have quite a bit of knowledge now about blog design. So... I came up with this fantastical idea! I've decided that if any of you splendid readers have a blog or are interested in starting one and need some creative input, I would LOVE to help you (aka: I can design it for you or give helpful hints)! I am only asking one thing in return... that you order one of my personalized stationary sets from my website here :) In all actuality, you are really getting two things for the price of one in this situation! If you are interested, email me at

"Why should I blog?" you ask. Great question. Because you matter. Your heart is beautiful, and you have a story to tell. You have something to offer this world. Your beauty, your love, your passion. It's especially wonderful if you live far away from loved ones and need a way to stay connected. I love to read blogs of other momma's who put lots of time and energy into making their house a "home" and loving on their family. I get recipe ideas, game ideas, and creative project ideas! Plus, it's just plain fun (and did I mention free??)! Every time I blog I get butterflies in my stomach and the creative juices just start flowing- sharing my heart with the world gives me much joy. My favorite quote goes like this...

Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what this world needs is people who have come alive."

Thanks for listening, and hopefully, happy blogging :)

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  1. I love reading your blog, Casey!

    You have a beautiful heart.

    And I like your answer to the question, "Why should I blog?"