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Alright everyone, it's time to show off all my awesome friends!

Here are all the entries for my contest. If you don't know about the contest, basically the way to enter was to brag about your spouse, or try one of my hair-do ideas :) Julia won the prize of personalized stationary from my website here!

I wish I could have sent personalized stationary to EACH AND EVERY one of you. You are all amazing, outstanding, brilliantly beautiful women. I've learned something from each and every one of you. Here's to my contestants! Read on, and be inspired :)

JavaMamma Blog Contest Entries


My husband has been a part of my life and has held a huge portion of my heart since 4th grade. He's romantic, gentle, soft-spoken, faithful, honest and immeasurably generous. While I could write an entire "Santa's scroll" of the amazing things Jesse does and of who he is, I'll point out a few that stand out most in my mind:

*Hands down, and incredible father...dedicated to ensuring their safety, health and happiness. He's there day and night to ensure their needs are met emotionally, spiritually and physically. He provides for them in ways I never imagined possible.

*He's an amazing cook and creates healthy meals for me when I'm pregnant, tired, and just needing some soul food. He cares about what goes into my body and how I feel from the inside out. Never once have I gone a day without him telling me I'm beautiful in some way.

*When I felt moved to donate a small amount to the Fond du Lac School, he side-swiped me by following Father's call to donate our family car instead. He truly gives more than I can ever fathom, and his faith that Father will see us through is unrelenting.

*During multiple brain surgeries for my aneurysm, my beloved took full responsibility of the kids, the house and our daily living without a single complaint. And when I could no longer train for and complete my desired life-long goal of running a marathon in Green Bay, he took the reigns and ran it for me (did I mention he was well over 200 pounds at the time)? He gives of himself completely.

*I have never once had to get up in the middle of the night alone to feed or comfort our babies. And when I have discomfort with my pregnancies, he's right there with a hand rubbing my back until I fall back asleep. We are truly in these times together.

*He drops me love notes in the middle of the day, just to let me know he's thinking of me. :)

*He makes me laugh until I can no longer breathe.

*While Jesse claims to never be able to surprise me, he pulled out the best surprise of my life just weeks ago. With the consent of P. Balken, Jesse had planned on being baptized right along side of me. I could hardly walk, let alone speak of my testimony after watching such a beautiful gift go before me. He knows what is important in life and he's bound for us to do it together.

The list is endless, and I could literally go on for days. But the best part about our relationship is that it is truly a gift from Father knowing that the man of my dreams is here to lift me up when I'm fallen, and to remind me what life is all about. He's humble and challenges me to be the same. He's creative and never allows our marriage to become dull.

The hard work that we both pour into each other is a reflection of how awesome a love and life along side our Father can be. Sure, it's not always easy, but it sure is worth it.


I too think it is so much more productive when we as ladies "boast" about our husbands. It shows them respect and admiration rather than disrespect and contempt. Thank you for encouraging wives and husbands alike to take a moment to jot down a few positive things that makes their spouse special! contest or no, I think it is a great opportunity for people to share...

During our pre-marital counseling we were instructed to write down all the reasons we wanted to marry the other. No limit, just write until you couldn't think of any more. I think I filled up 3 pages before I stopped! I know many things have been added to that list as I have gotten to know Brian better through the years and learned to love him more deeply. One of the best things about Brian is his love for people. He cares about people and sacrifices his own time and resources to help them out whenever he can. He also has such a teachable spirit which I have seen amplified this past year. He is so great with kids and even though we don't have any children I know when the time comes he will make a wonderful father and I really look forward to seeing him in that role. He works very hard to provide for us and give to others. He makes it easy to trust him and follow him as I know he is always looking to our Father for guidance/direction in every decision he makes! Brian's actions have always shown me love and I am so thankful for all the many ways he shows it. I couldn't ask for a better man to spend the rest of my life with!

Becca V.

Casey, I'm so happy for you that you have found someone who so clearly Father made for you and Father made you for him. :)

My husband, Steve, is pretty amazing as well. He is a complete hands-on daddy and is such a help with the kiddos. They love him to pieces as well. He is always making sure that I am ok and not stressed out and is constantly striving to make our family more God-centered and keeping Father as the foundation of our family. He is an amazing leader, husband, lover, friend, father and brother in Father.

And I totally wanted to post on this blog before I even saw your lovely giveaway! :) Love you, girl!


This is a picture of Hannah on her first day of 8th grade. She looked super cute and a little classy. It was easy to do. The best part was that my "little" girl wanted my help fixing her hair again. That was the part I liked the most :)


My husband?

He's amazing. The most genuinely caring man I know (what, it's true!), AND, he puts up with my weird, quirky, and sometimes awkward personality. :)

He kisses me to sleep every night, and before he leaves, even if it's for five minutes.

He supports me. For example, he ditched out on his game night when my car was dying so we could sort out that issue.

When we first started dating he told me he wasn't romantic. But every now and then, he'll sweep me off my feet with flowers, and secret surprise date nights (like last night!).

He's the most attractive Starbucks barista/shift leader out there. Well, in my opinion he's the most attractive man period. He cares about his job and excels beyond his requirements as a shift leader.

He always jumps in when anyone needs him. He cares about people.

I LOVE my man. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Father couldn't have blessed me with a more perfect (for me) man.


So...I am not normally one to try to do things to my hair besides put it in a pony tail or just let it hang down. It's abnormally straight and smooth and usually very difficult to do anything with. However, I thought, what the heck I can give this a try and the worst thing that can happen is that I'll get a neck cramp...well I got the neck cramp but I ALSO was able to form my hair into this hairstyle!!! I am just so excited about the very fact that I was able to do something different and cute with it besides the norm! And I this also caused me to try french braiding for the first time and I think it worked out pretty well! So, I very much enjoyed this challenge that you put out there and I am so glad I took it up and was able to succeed at it!
-Now if only I can get the stationary too... :D

Becca H.

I love this! It IS so powerful to speak it out!

Jason is an AMAZING man! As a husband, he is wonderful. He helps me out around the house, loves to spend time with me, is a great story-teller, works hard to provide for us, understands me, I fall more in love with him every day! And as a father, wow! Jason was so ready and excited to become a dad - he has been right in there from the start. He changes diapers without being asked, plays with them every day, puts them to bed EVERY night, reads the bible to them/us, listens to them. And he is ready to have more kids! I love it!

Jason's love to study the Word has drawn me into a deeper love of the Word, and his desire to things to be done right, and in truth and encouraged me also. We have fun together, still end up talking until 3am sometimes, can't wait to get the kids to bed so we can hang out together! He is the love of my life and I am forever changed and a better woman because of him!


This is the first of your blog that I've seen and I love it! What a great way to brag on your guy! I just have to say that I agree with you that you got a pretty good one, but I am partial to my hubby and am privileged to have been chosen to be Nate's partner in life. He is such and encourager and support and I love how he passionately leads our family. I pray that you guys will always be blessed by each other as well. As you have so eloquently lifted up Danny, may he in turn praise you saying, "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all." Keep up your blogs, I like the coffee time :-)

I'd like to give a huge "THANKS" to Sarah U. who commented on my last post informing me how to copy and paste all these entries in a different way so I didn't have to retype them myself. Way to help a girl out! :)

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