Saturday, September 11, 2010

Technical difficulties

So, due to some minor technical difficulties, I have been unable to post all the entries from my contest. Who knew you can't cut and past information from another source onto blog posts? Apparently you have to type in the words straight into blogger. So... I am going to have to wait for another rainy day when Sitora is sleeping, then I will type word for word all the entries. I really really want to post every word that was said, because so there is so much beauty and inspiration in the words my friends wrote. Believe me, it will be worth the wait! So... until then.

I don't have anything real specific to write about today, but I have been feeling some general overall thoughts. Pondering. Considering.

1. There are moms who light up when talking about their children. Despite difficulties and challenges, they find the good in all situations and hope for the best. Then, there are others who always seem exasperated with/at their children. I hope and pray I can always be the one who lights up.

2. There are people who complain about everything, and yet offer no solution to the problem- only pointing fingers and blame at the ones who should be fixing everything. And then there are those who see needs, gaps you could call them, and not only do they strive to find a solution, but they still see the positive in the situation, or give others the benefit of the doubt instead of pointing fingers.

3. No words can express the feelings I have when I see my 19 month old daughter folding her hands and closing her eyes during family prayer time. I have never told her she has to do that. She merely sees us and does it willingly. I pray this leads Sitora into a lifelong journey of passion and communion with her Heavenly Father.

4. I love rain. It rained this weekend for the first time in, well it seems forever. I grew up in the Midwest where thunderstorms and tornado warnings abound. I now live in the desert. Need I say more? I miss hearing thunder and seeing lightning outside, curling up with a warm blanket on the couch reading a good book while drinking warm tea, watching the rain pitter-patter on the windowpane. So when it rained today, that's exactly what I did! It felt marvelous.

Oh by the way, if you think of it, keep me in your prayers as my left ear has really been bothering me this week. I can't hear out of it and it hurts pretty badly :(

That's about it for now. Time to go snuggle with my hubby and talk about our day!

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  1. Actually if you hit the edit HTML when you are writing your blog it will let you copy and paste. Just to let you know! :)