Sunday, September 12, 2010

Death by ear

Sharp, intense, throbbing pain. In my ear. Please make it stop. Oh and that mystery fluid draining out during the midnight hours? Ya that's pretty creepy.

"What? Say that again?" ... may be the answer I toss back at you if you happen to say, well, anything at all.

The infection spread so far down my face that I can hardly open my jaw to eat or talk. I seriously considered puré-ing my rice and chicken lunch after Sunday service. I was starving and couldn't get the food in my mouth nor chew fast enough to satisfy my rumbling tummy. I was in charge of the nursery today, so we ran off in a haste this morning without me getting a bite to eat. Bad idea. Baaaad idea for this momma.

My superhero husband picked me up an antibiotic and some groceries to heal my poor little body, then snuggled with me and watched a chick flick. If you know my hubby, you know he really doesn't like those kinds of movies, so he's doing it only for me. I was simply content. For some reason, when I am pitifully sick (you know, the pout-y lip, whimpering kind of sick), the only thing that aids my ill state is being wrapped up on the couch with my husband. I feel like a child again when my mother would wrap her sympathetic arms around me whenever my stomach hurt or my fever spiked. Sometimes us mommas need a little coddling. We give and give and give, and then when our time comes to lay half-dead, knocked-out by some dreadful illness, it feels good to be taken care of.

But this comes at a very bad time for yours truly. My husband is leaving on a camping trip tomorrow morning for 4 days. I am still horribly sick with the ear infection from, you know where, and I have a toddler to take care of, a birthday party to plan and execute (for a wonderful lovely friend at that), and a photography class to plan! Oh man this antibiotic better kick in soon. I need all the prayer I can get!

"What was that?" Oh don't mind me. I'm only deaf!

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  1. Well dear Casey- I do pray that you would find God's arms tightly round you during these days and his healing flowing through you. I pray for grace and mercy to be met together in and over you and that you will find the strength to do everything you are supposed to do in the coming days and the wisdom to let go of the things you needn't do.