Friday, May 14, 2010

Confessions of a hairstylist

Alright alright, you caught me. I'll confess.

I'm addicted to hair.

Therefore, I sign myself up for any and every possible event where my hair styling addiction need can be filled.

Weddings, school dances, formal events, you name it, I'm your girl! Don't know what hairstyle you want? No problemo. I have a myriad of hairstyle ideas stocked up in this noggin of mine just waiting to be released!

I packed my bag full of curling irons, bobby pins, brushes and combs, jumped in a taxi and was on my way. "Where to?" you ask. A school play. The title was "Canterbury Tales". Girls dressed up in renaissance gowns require great hair to match ;)

I couldn't help but smile watching the girls prance around in their dresses and up-do's. I just love the feeling of seeing a girl who knows she is beautiful. Not a stuck-up, I'm-all-that kind of beautiful. But an innocent, sweet, pure beautiful.

In one hour's time I somehow managed to finish about 10 girls hair, barely finishing in time for the lights to dim to start the show. After racing around with a hot curling iron in a room with no air conditioning, sweating becomes inevitable. All of a sudden, I smelled something awful. Something dreadful.

It was me.

I need perfume or body spray or deodorant. And I needed it NOW.

I lug my huge purse around every single day of my life containing every single thing a woman could ever possibly need. (And why do I have sore shoulders all the time?) Just ask my family, they'll tell you. I have everything. Danny always makes fun of me that I have the "Mary Poppin's never-ending bag".

But this time, I managed to forget my body spray. And this was not good. I frantically looked around for something... anything. And what did I find?


Hey, when you're desperate, you'll do anything.

And this, my friends, is a confession of a hairstylist.


  1. You are so good at it. I say keep the addiction nourished. I am so loving your blog, but it makes me miss you even more. Can't wait to see you and catch up on all God is doing in your life. Love and miss you all.

  2. Awesome job! And way to be resourceful with the hairspray!!

  3. Haha...I love it. I did notice that my hairspray (which I recently bought new, vowing to actually DO my hair, since it is not my forte) does smell really really yummy!