Thursday, May 13, 2010

How long?

Today in our ladies group we studied Psalm 6. One of the questions we were asked to discuss was, like this Psalm, do we ever cry out to Him, "How long?"


Most recently, my cry has been, "How long before I will get a full night's sleep?" Poor Sitora is not enjoying the weaning process and she screams her head off at certain times of the day (or night). I know I need to stay consistent in, well, everything as a parent really. But sometimes its really hard.

I know that one day she'll be all grown up, moving out, and starting her own independent life. And that is one of the joys of parenthood, to train up your child to follow Him, to have their own independent life honoring and serving Him. And when that time comes, I will hopefully be getting a good night's sleep :)

Until that day comes, I will look forward to a daily afternoon nap to recover!

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  1. Just reading up on your blog...finally =) How has she been sleeping? I just went through this with Luke, not the weaning, just the non-sleeping at night. He is finally doing better.