Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The song I wrote in my dreams... literally!

Every single night I pray over my children that God would speak to them in their dreams. I ask that He would speak to them in the day or the night. I ask Him to fill them with His Spirit continually.

But you know what?

I really don't pray that over myself... that God would speak to my in my dreams. I mean, I ask Him to speak to me all day long. But honestly I don't think I've truly asked God that.

Over the past few years God has given me many dreams that have come to pass. It's incredible. And scary. And awesome. And weird. All in one.

Sometimes I have dreams about people in my life... then I wonder if I should tell them about it or not. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I wait a while and see if the Lord is really leading me to tell them.

Sometimes I have dreams about my own life. Dreams filled with longings and hopes and desires... and oftentimes I keep them tucked away inside my heart waiting to see if the Lord fulfills them. Sometimes I am afraid to speak it out loud for fear that they will never, ever come to fruition. As if it's too good to be true.

But last night for the first time in my life I dreamed about writing a song! I could see myself playing it on piano and I could hear the melody clear as day. The minute I woke up I told my whole family about it and Sitora sat by me on the couch as I plucked away on the piano finalizing every last detail.

Love has been on my mind so much lately so possibly my subconscious is flooded with emotions regarding relationships! Who knows? I'm not going to analyze myself. I'm just going to write the golly gee song and call it divine inspiration ;)

Love, loyalty, faithfulness, devotion, perseverance, and dedication have been on my mind and heart. I want us to finish this race strong together. I want our marriage to grow better with time and become stronger day by day. I want to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren to grab hold of and even surpass. May my kids learn to love unconditionally and freely and walk in unity with their future spouses.

As ALWAYS with the songs I write, here is a very, very, very rough draft I recorded on my phone. Some day... some day... I will record these for real. But until then, you get the original version straight outta my head :)

To listen, click here.

Tell Me
By Casey Gilboy
October 2016

Early in the morning baby
First thing in my head
Is that I see your face

When the afternoon comes by
Tell me baby that I will be
On your mind

Later in the evening
Promise that you'll call and baby
Say my name

Woah, woah

Tell me it's true, tell me it's love
Tell me you're not going away
Tell me you won't break my heart
Tell me you have good intentions

Woah, woah

When we've had a few kids baby
Tell me that you still think that I'm

When our bodies start to crumble
I'll still look into your eyes and
Fall in love

When we're empty nesters may it
Be the beginning of our

Woah, woah

Tell me it's true, tell me it's love
Tell me we're in this together
Tell me you won't break my heart
Tell me I'm your girl forever

Woah, woah

Early in the morning baby
First thing in my head is that
I see your face

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