Monday, November 17, 2014

Life in pictures

I love my phone. If I had my way I would lug around my 1,000 pound camera bag with all the bells and whistles inside to capture every moment of our lives. But, well, that is kind of obsessive. So I have my phone to tag along on life's journeys. I love capturing the quirky moments of my stay at home mom life. I think they are funny and keep me going when the monotony of motherhood threatens to steal my joy.

I thought I would share a few snapshots from our autumn season for your (or maybe just my?) enjoyment :)


Caught him white handed. Cream cheese and all.

Sitora fell asleep in the jogging stroller during my run around the neighborhood.

Peter stuck like glue to one of the kittens our dear friend keeps for us at her farm.

All clean and snuggly after bath time.

On a date after visiting the dentist, talking about rewards in heaven. You know, normal stuff.

What can I say? He likes selfies.

Pickin' sissy up from AWANA. I just love this mirror in the bathroom. I just couldn't take it anymore.  After 1.5 years of holding back I had to have a picture with it. Don't judge me.

Intellect runs in the family? Or maybe just plain awesomeness. You pick.

Here comes that awesomeness again.

How many items does one child need for bedtime? One pillow. Three blankets in the crib and one hanging on the side (and it HAS to hang JUST SO or else he throws a fit). Two small teddy bears and one big one (apparently the small ones are hidden somewhere). One light-up pillow pet. Hey, it works. I don't ask questions.

He just came inside after a scavenger hunt outside in the pitch black darkness with daddy and sissy. His own personal flashlight in hand, life is good. 

She wrote notes and taped them to the piano so she could remember how to play twinkle twinkle little star. Genius I tell ya.

Homeschool life. Everything is better with pigs, seriously.

Donuts in the child cart at the grocery store. It doesn't get much better than this, folks.

Editing photos in my woman cave drinking coffee in a mug from my dear friend. Work is so much better with a fashionable mug, am I right?

Here comes the mom paparazzi. 

After a long day at a homeschool field trip I wanted to collapse on the couch. But before I did, I caught these two munchkins reading books together. Kids are the the energizer bunny, it's not even fair.

Because broccoli is so much better with vintage hats, right?

Enjoying the first snowfall of the year! 

We're bringing Frozen back, baby.

Who wants to snuggle under a cozy blanket by a warm fire reading delightful novels during the first snowfall of the year? Most sensible people do, right? My inner runner didn't get the memo, apparently. I got in one mile before I nearly froze to death. 

Reading our Bibles and journaling our feelings to Jesus. My favorite part about homeschooling.

And then, of course, dancing for Jesus! 

Oh I just love scrubbing crayon of the walls. It's my favorite thing ever! Especially right after cleaning up liquid foundation squirted all over the couch and carpet. Can't you see my happy face? At least it wasn't a bodily fluid...

Watching Uncle Chase report live on the news for Channel 6 in Omaha, Nebraska!

My laundry pile. AKA: My royal throne where I will reign for years to come. 

Father and son. Stop goes my heart.

Lovin' my new typewriter necklace from It goes perfectly with my earrings from my sister-in-law when she lived in Korea!

I like us :)

Playing Settlers of Catan. Just so you know, I won ;) I totally came up from behind. No one thought I'd steal the game like that. Huzzah!

A crisp, sunny, fall morning with my little sweetheart.

Fall leaves and fall boots. They go together like PB and J.

Kisses from my kids are like kisses to my soul.

Sitora earned enough stars on her character chart to earn a prize for herself, a date, or a prize to give away. She chose to pick something out to give away to someone in need. I love her.

Fall fest costumes. Proud parents of an Amish girl and French gentleman.

My life. In a picture.

Pickin' up the kiddos from their homeschool co-op classes. They adore it!

A member from my online pastors' wives facebook group asked us to post a picture of our shoes and purses that day just for fun.

Eating lunch on the swings. Because life is worth living outside the box sometimes ;)

Hugging my handsome hubby at our church's bonfire. Man he's good-lookin'!!!! 

Smile! Ya, that didn't work out so well.

On the road again! Holding pencils is the best way to fall asleep if you ask Peter.

Catching butterflies at the museum with family :)

A curious little boy in a world of adventure ;)

The best place to trick or treat and meet the real M&M candy dude. The mall.

Sitora's homeschool choir class. I tried to be inconspicuous and snap a pic of her before it started.

Peter loved tagging along to big sissy's homeschool Thanksgiving activity day. They always sit in the very front for every activity. As close to the teacher as possible. Inching closer and closer every minute. Raising their hands for every question. Squealing and laughing at every joke.Yep, that's my kids for ya ;)

Well, if you made it this far, congratulations. That was a lot to take in :)

Even though my life doesn't seem glamorous as a stay at home mom, it is to me. Raising my children is the most important thing I will do with my life (besides having my own relationship with Christ, of course).

I look for nuggets of laughter and beauty in the routine to keep myself light-hearted and joyful. What else is gonna get you through the days of scrubbing crayon off the wall and makeup off the couch? ;)

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