Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A little bit o' yellow

I don't mind winter. I really don't.

I grew up in Utah and Nebraska for goodness sake! I started skiing before third grade (although my ninja skiing skills failed me the day I fell off the chair lift at age 16...) I scraped ice off my car every freezing cold morning before school after I got my license because I had to park on the driveway (the benefit of being a parent- 24/7 permanent access to the family garage). I'm a professional snowman builder and igloo designer. Snow and I are basically biological siblings, almost.

I love playing in the snow with my kiddos. Making snow angels and letting snowflakes fall on my tongue whisks me back to childhood. But I digress, once in a while some color would be nice during these white months. (Although from a photographer's perspective, white snow all around provides the most amazing perfect color balance for pictures and I'm constantly drooling over it...)

I thought it would be fun to snap some photos of my sweetie wearing some fun colors to contrast the white blanket outside. I'm trying to embrace every day as it comes, so that includes the weather ;) I like to splash my home with inspirational signs and colorful decorations during the cold months, like we're bringing a little bit of sunshine inside. So I guess in some strange way, we can enjoy winter and summer at the same time.

Here's my sweetie wearing a little bit o' yellow to brighten your day.  Does it make you smile?

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  1. Adorable!! Did you make the headband? How is she not FREEZING is what I want to know. =)