Monday, August 5, 2013

Homeschool and horses

I'm delighted that our homeschool room is coming together. It's taken me some time to figure out how I want the homeschool/toy room organized. I change things about 20 times a week, usually :)

Our dear friend gave us an antique desk for Sitora to use for school and I almost fell over dead when I saw it. How perfect is it??? She loves doing her work on her special desk, and I think it gives her a sense of validation and confidence.

She is learning to read and write sentences without my help. Watching her mastering these simple reading skills gives me goosebumps knowing that soon she'll be devouring books under her bed sheets with a flashlight long after bedtime. Knowledge. Imagination. Wonder. I want her to have it.

Peter always wonders what sissy is up to when it's school time. He is in love with her dry erase marker and constantly schemes how to steal it away.

He is also in love with silky clothes and sifts through the laundry while it's piled sky high. (Which is, basically, every day.). You will oftentimes find him sporting someone's undergarments over his head, or snuggling a t-shirt while laying on the floor. He found one of daddy's shirts and sprawled out on the floor for some down time while Sitora finished her school. Nice hair little buddy.

We visited our friend this weekend and spent some time riding her horses. This is Magic. The perfect size for a little 4 year old.

She also loved the puppies on the farm. Not sure how the puppies felt about it though ;)

 My parents came to visit last minute and we packed in as much fun as possible in 2.5 days. Living 10 hours away is no bueno. The night before they left Sitora said, "You have glasses, hair, and a beard. You are my perfect Papa and I'm not letting you go back to Missouri!" That about explains it all.

 My mom does a fabulous job taking pics for me when I ask :)

So many more things I could write about. But they will have to wait for another day. Have a fabulous week! xoxo

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