Sunday, June 16, 2013

The birthday boy and father's day

This year my SuperDan is getting double the love. Why? Not only is it his birthday, but it's Father's Day! Phew, lots of work for this mamma :) Last night I had to prepare for today's worship music, plus get his presents all ready, and finish the slideshow I made. A while ago I videoed myself singing a few songs I wrote him (that I sang at my coffee shop concert) and I decided to convert them to mp3 format and embed them in a slideshow with pics of our family over the past year. Granted, the video quality is not, repeat, not professional quality by any means. But, it is what it is. A sweet and simple recording of my songs for him. Thank. You. Google. I couldn't have done it without you :) (It's a miracle I even figured out without asking the birthday boy himself for help!) I can't figure out how to convert the flash slideshow and upload to youtube for you all to watch, so I guess that will have to wait for another day.

Today at church the birthday boy was given many cards from our church friends. His picture was printed in the bulletin with a birthday message too :) Our dear friend and head elder presented him with a card and gift on stage and thanked him for all he does. It was wonderful of everyone and I was so grateful he was overwhelmed with love and kindness.

He gave a powerful message about fathers- how they are called by God to provide for their families and set an example for their children in love. He told stories about his life growing up, and he also shared about my grandfather's life (which of course brought tears to my eyes...) My grandpa didn't have a good earthly father. But despite that he became a man who provided for and loved his family dearly. He started to tear up when he talked about his father (he always does) and how they read the Bible together every night growing up.

We watched a hilarious video by The Skit Guys (awesome church skit/video makers) about Father's Day. Our worship team did a great job and I am so proud of them! It was a beautiful day.

I just want to brag on my husband a bit. I know every wife loves her husband, but I seriously think I am beyond blessed. Here is a list of things he regularly does:

1. Washes the kitchen floor by hand
2. Cooks dinner as much if more than I do
3. Makes shakes/easy fun desserts
4. Teaches Sitora things like taking out the compost, making a garden, fishing, cleaning, playing baseball, etc...
5. Plays board games with Sitora on the floor
6. Wrestles and snuggles the kids
7. Quickly wakes up to aid whichever kid is crying in the night- almost always
8. Lets me take a nap whenever I need a break and takes care of the kids
9. Helps me clean the house when we have company coming over
10. Fixes the car
11. Builds/fixes anything (and if he doesn't know how, he googles it)
12. Prays, listens to sermons, reads his Bible constantly
13. Always cares about our friends and family, church members, and everyone basically
14. Serves at the local Food Pantry and gets to know everyone personally (and helps them in life outside of the Food Pantry)
15. Serves at Vacation Bible School by teaching the children and cleaning up after the Picnic
16. Runs errands for the church
17. Goes out of his way to make everyone feel welcomed and happy when they enter our home
18. Helps save our money by painstakingly looking for good deals on a regular basis
19. Supports my photography business by getting me equipment for a good deal
20. Looks for ways to save money so we can give more away to God's Kingdom
21. Constantly lets me chose the movies or TV shows we watch, dates we go on, fun things we do
22. Buys me special gifts for holidays that he figured out on his own
23. Gives me back massages all the time because I have something wrong with my shoulder (I should go to the chiropractor!)

The list goes on and on... seriously. I could write a million things. This is just the tip of the iceburg. It's funny how things change when you get older and have kids.... when I see him washing the floor on his hands and knees, it makes me swoon way more than a romantic dinner or date would. I'm very blessed to be married to a man who values me and serves alongside me in everything.

I love you honey. You are my best friend and the love of my life! I'm so glad we are on this journey of life together.

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  1. sooooo precious...I love reading things like this. Reminds me of God's over-abundant provision and blessing :)