Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Me? Running!? The world is ending.

My gym membership expired.

The weather is nice.

There's no excuse for me now. Exercise is now possible for free.

So that gives me only one option. Running. Bleh!

My earliest memories of hating running begin in junior high. For the Presidential Physical Fitness Testing in P.E. class we ran the mile every year. Picture my friends on the sidelines. Finished. Cheering me on. I'm last.

If that doesn't scar a kid, what wouldn't!?

Well I got over it, nonetheless. No worries :)

Seriously though. I have always favored sports over running. Growing up I played volleyball, softball, and was a cheerleader. I have always loved working out at the gym on treadmills and elliptical machines and lifting weights. Running? Not so much.

For some reason yesterday, I was incredibly starving for nature. We've been locked inside for far too long and the snow just melted like, two days ago. In May. I'm totally not joking. So I was basically willing to do anything for outside exercise!

All of a sudden, I put on my workout clothes, popped my headphones in my cell phone and kissed the hubby and kids goodbye while I left to go running.

What?!? Me? Running? It's the end of the world. As we know it. For reals.

Today is day two of me "running". That really means "jogging" for all you running gurus out there. Ya you, the ones who are totally awesome and athletic. I'm sure you'd run right pass me with a smile and a wave. But I'm trying here. I really am.

I've been running close to sunset and the colors just take my breath away. I run by the river and the water is so peaceful and calming. The first half is hard and I basically have to push myself to keep going. The last half gets easier by the minute. It's like my legs go into auto pilot and my lungs expand and I can finally make it without falling over dead.

I'm really proud of myself, if you haven't noticed. Did I mention how much I hate running? Well, I don't really hate it anymore. I'd still rather play volleyball or lift weights at the gym. But I'm saving money. Money that I'd rather spend on photography equipment or coffee or earrings.

Now my exercise is free, and it feels pretty good.

Day two. Check. I can do this!

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