Monday, March 4, 2013

When the kids are sick, write a song

I've had writer's block for a few years now. Mostly because I just haven't tried.

That all ended last week! Man alive. I've written three songs since last Tuesday.

They are all about the love of my life.

The first song came to me when I was driving in a blizzard at midnight with two sleeping kids in the backseat. I was going to visit family and needed something to keep my mind off the stress. So wall-ah, a song was born!

The next two songs came to me yesterday and today. Our kids have been sick for days and I've spent day and night rocking them, cuddling them, bathing them, and comforting them. My mind has had endless hours to brainstorm. I frown at the chores needing to be done around the house, but I must confess that I secretly love these "sick" days when all I have to do is hold my babies. It's a pretty great excuse for getting out of housework I'd say :) (My husband does all the cooking when I'm holding the kids, so deep down inside it's my secret scheme... hehe...)

The first song I wrote my hubby is about how much my love has grown for him over time. It talks about how simple things make my heart beat like when he cleans the house and takes care of the kids.

The second song is about saying sorry and working through problems before it's too late. The lyrics speak of not giving up on love and working through hard times together.

Song number three is just a cute little diddy about how we go together perfectly.

I can't wait to perfect them with piano accompaniment and record them. (Recording meaning, using my home video camera...)

Maybe someday I'll get the chance to record my songs for real. I have about 8 other songs I've written over the years that are my favorite. I've written about 5 others that aren't so great, mostly because they were written when I was around 15 years old. It was a start though!

Here are some lyrics from the new songs :)

Skip a Beat
When you vacuum the stairs
Put the kids to sleep
You make my heart skip a beat

When you change a flat tire
Cook dinner for me
You make my heart skip a beat

If I knew then what I know now
I would see why I'd fall in love with you
More and more
Everyday babe, and this is how...

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry, I forgive you
Let's make up and kiss, move on from this
I'm sorry, I forgive you
Don't give up on us, believe in our love, my dear

I've been waiting for you all of my life
You dreamed that I would be your wife
So why would we throw in the towel?
Why would we give up now?

Bread and Butter

We go together like bread and butter
Glue and paper
Cookies and milk
We go together like bread and butter
Clouds and rainbows
PB and J

You are my better half, and my best friend
You are the only one who makes me laugh when
I'm in a bad mood, with an attitude
You bring a smile to my face

I wanna hold you, so come closer
Lend your ear so I can whisper
A little secret, I can't keep it
You put a smile on my face

One of my favorite songwriters, Mindy Gledhill, has definitely inspired me to try a different approach to my lyrics and melody. I hope to send her the songs I wrote someday and see if she has any critique to offer :)

Maybe I should plan on writing songs every time my kids get sick? Hmmm.

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