Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Crafts

Sitora and I are making vintage valentine cards tonight. We have some friends coming over for Valentine's Day (it wasn't intentionally planned!) and then we are going to a home school co-op Valentine's Day party on Friday. So we have lots of people to make cards for!

I love using holidays as an excuse to make cards and special treats for friends and family. I have been inspired by this mamma for several years now because she loves to celebrate life in small ways. But all the small things add up and someday I want my children to remember they were loved and cherished during their childhood :)

This craft is so easy! All we do is print the pictures in black and white, cut them out, color them, glue them onto small pieces of colored construction paper, and add stickers or ribbon for embellishments. I'll have Sitora write a little something sweet on the back of each card as well.

Feel free to copy these pictures and use them for your own Valentines! I just copied them from google images.

Happy Valentine's Day Crafting :)

And while you're crafting, listen to some Mindy Gledhill loooove music. She leaves you feeling like a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a root beer float :)

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