Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Zombies

I had so many plans for this day. It was to be full of glitz and glam and fabulousness.

But yesterday around 4:00pm Peter changed all of that when he threw up all over me. 

Over. And. Over.

And. Over.

Poor little guy :( When Sitora was a baby she never had a sick spell like this. She'd throw up once, maybe twice, then be done with it. But Peter threw up constantly for hours and hours. I was beginning to worry of dehydration and called my amazing mother (who also happens to be a nurse) at 1:00am. Oh how I love my mom! We decided based on all his symptoms that he would be fine as long as he stopped throwing up and was having wet diapers. Sure enough, that's what happened. Phew.

SuperDan (or shall I say, SuperDad?) and I took turns rocking Peter while the other slept. I myself was struggling with sickness and really needed the sleep. When each of us was done with "our turn" our arms were numb and our backs sore. It was glorious to fall into bed after my shift was over. I thought to myself, "How do single mothers do this? I don't understand. I have so much compassion for them in times like this."

By the time the morning light came, we were both zombie Valentines. Sounds like the title to a scary movie, doesn't it? I never watch scary movies though so... I wouldn't go to it. (I'm already living it!)

Sitora and I had made cards for Daddy and we were excited to leave them on the table for him to find this morning. SuperDan wrote me a card (with Sitora's help) and gave me a camera necklace I'd been eying for a few weeks. I ended up not getting my hubby the present I had envisioned. I planned on buying him a brown suit coat from the Mall of America, but we never got around to getting there last weekend! So hopefully we can pick that out another time. I'm thinking he would look pretty handsome wearing it over a collared shirt and jeans on a Sunday morning ;)

I wanted today to be so special for my family. I had a list written out of all the things we would do. It just didn't happen. Today was spent cleaning the house, finishing more loads of laundry after a sick child threw up everywhere, and taking care of him as he has been desperately clingy and sad. (And rightfully so.) Thankfully my amazing Grandma Barb send Sitora a Valentine's card with $1 inside. Plus she had already sent some Valentine's candy with Sitora's birthday present last month. So we were able to make today somewhat special for her. We called Grandma to thank her and I got tears in my eyes thinking of how much she means to me. It's been over a year with Grandpa gone. I can't imagine Valentine's Day without the love of your life. I hope it lifted her spirits to talk and laugh together. We had a great time chatting and I was reminded how much I love her.

Finally we all felt good enough to make Valentine cookies. I was determined to at least accomplish this, if nothing else. We had so much fun. Eating those scrumptious cookies with a glass of milk just made the day so much better. Sitora had fun decorating her cookies as she pleased, while Peter snuggled on my shoulder.

Even though today didn't go as planned, I am still thankful we were able to spend it together.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! xoxo

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