Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vintage Bridal Photoshoot

Isn't this bride stunning? Beautiful? Gorgeous? Glowing? Radiant? Yes. Yes. And yes.

My dear cousin... or second cousin... or third cousin.. oh... whatever it's called :) (She is my grandfather's brother's granddaughter- figure that one out!)

This photoshoot was dripping with romance. Two lovebirds catching a vintage train on their new journey of life together.

I loved everything about this photoshoot. The old suitcases, the groom's pocket watch, the vintage train, the cold, crisp November air.

My favorite part of the day was after the shoot. We jumped out of the car, laughing and shivering, and rushed into the groom's parents' home to warm up. We drank hot cocoa together and caught up on each others' lives.

Audrei, you couldn't have been more breathtaking. Your face couldn't have been beaming with more love and devotion for your new husband. Nathan, your faithful and kind love towards Audrei speaks volumes of your character and love for our Heavenly Father. Seeing you hold Audrei's freezing hands and warming them up brought tears to my eyes. I've known Audrei my whole life, and I can't imagine a more perfect spouse for her. I know that together you will accomplish so much more than you could alone. You were meant to be together. It's obvious :)

Thank you for allowing me to share this incredible day with you both. Your love for one another is beautiful.

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