Monday, January 7, 2013

Two is better than one

These kids. They sure love each other.

When Sitora was born, she opened my heart to a love I'd never known. She showed me what it felt like to have my heart walking outside my chest.

And then Peter was born.

I was anxious when I was pregnant with him, wondering how I could love another child as much as I loved my firstborn? What was it like to love all my children equally, yet uniquely?

And then he showed me. I learned how to love another child, and yet see him from an entirely different perspective than my daughter. My heart grew twice it's size.

And then he started growing up, and my children started playing together.

My heart felt a joy it has never experienced before. Seeing them love each other brings the deepest and most overwhelming feelings of peace and joy. They really love each other. They play together. They laugh together. It's like they have this secret club I'm not invited to. When I walk into the room to check on them they both look up to me as if to say, "Um, we were having fun. Do you need something?" It's hilarious. And oh so cute.

She makes him laugh. I cannot make him laugh the way she can. She wakes him up from naps just because, "I missed him! I want to play with him!" She gets a kick out of putting on a show and watching him giggle. He grabs her hair with a mischevious smile knowing she'll squeal in pain. They are two peas in a pod.

I pray they will be best friends. That they will come to each other for advice and prayer. That they will play games and go places together. That they will look out for each other.

Two surely is better than one :)


  1. I love love love this so much!!!!!!! Two definitely IS better than one! :)


  2. I always feel like giving my kids a sibling is just about the best gift I can give them!