Saturday, January 19, 2013

The ultimate birthday tea party

I'm not sure if this party was more for my daughter... or myself.

I definitely traveled back in time to my childhood dreams today, that's for sure! What girl doesn't love a tea party? Be it 4 or 28, us girls just wanna have fun! * Oh, and Daddy and Papa too :) *

We learned how to sip tea with our pinkies pointed out. We painted dreamy birdhouses and cute owls. We pinned the tail on the donkey's belly-button. We laughed. A lot.

Memories. I am making memories. I want my daughter to look back on her childhood and know she was loved, adored, cherished, honored.

You are my princess, Sitora, and a daughter of the King!


  1. You are your little life is so adorable! This is "Pinterest worthy" haha!

  2. What a beautiful party and an even more beautiful princess.


  3. SOOOO CUTE! Good job Momma! I looove the photo of Sitora giggling when her Grandma (?) is pinning the tale! Everything looked some yummy/fun. Don't you love being in AMerica where the cutest stuff is not only affordable but right at your finger tips? Not that you couldn't throw an equally cute party here, it'd just take you a little longer to find the right stuff. I found out today the first birthday of your child, especially your first child is a big deal in the culture here. Did you do something big for Sitora's first when you were here?