Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nana and Papa come to visit

Nana and Papa came to visit last weekend to help celebrate Sitora's birthday and plan her party. We had such a great time and I wish they could visit every weekend :(

They also watched the kids so we could go on a date. Any of my friends who have parents to babysit on a regular basis, please don't take this for granted. I had tears in my eyes knowing that my kids were being loved on and cherished by their grandparents while we were out. If you live near family, please don't let a week go by without seeing them.

On another note, SuperDan put Sitora to bed last night so I could have some time alone. This is what she prayed: "Dear Jesus, I pray you will help my Mom and Dad to have a good sleep and that they would feel your presence."

I love it.

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