Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oil spills aren't just in the ocean

We had another one of those "I can't believe that just happened" moments the other night.

When we moved into our new house, each room came with an oil-filled space heater. We use them especially at night because our bedrooms upstairs don't have heat.

I woke up in the middle of the night to a hissing sound. I shot up and looked around the bedroom in a sleepy stupor. I suddenly spotted steam spraying out of the top of our space heater. I jumped out of bed and looked down only to find oil pouring out of the bottom of the space heater as well! Should I pull the cord from the outlet? Would I get electrocuted? If I died, at least I would be dying trying to save my family!

I decided to pull the cord. I didn't die. *Phew*The space heater turned off and the steam stopped shooting out the top. I ran downstairs to grab old towels and cleaned up the oil spilled everywhere.

And then I saw it.

My brand new sweater. AHHHHHHHHHH! Why is it that only my new stuff always gets ruined? It's so my life. That's why I just buy everything used. It's crazy but it's true. I had a pile of clothes on the floor and the oil had soaked into my brand new adorable mustard yellow cardigan from Target. Nooooo!!!!!! So I ran back downstairs and googled how to get space heater oil out of clothes. I soaked it in spray-n-wash and dish soap and prayed it would turn out alright. I then went back to bed only to realize it smelled horrible in the room- like oil. So I ran backstairs to google if we could die from oil inhalation. Some article said to air out the room well, so I turned on the ceiling fan and opened our bedroom door.

Exhausted and weary, I fell back into bed.

A few hours later I woke up to my husband rummaging around the room in the dark. I said, "Oh, did you see the space heater like, blew up?" And he said, "I guess that would explain the oil on the floor." More oil? AHHHHHHHHH! I guess it just kept leaking oil after I cleaned up the last batch. I asked him why he woke up in the first place, and he said he was freezing. (That would be due to the fact that the space heater was now off and the ceiling fan was on. And it was freezing cold that night with no heat in our upstairs. That would make sense why he was freezing! I was probably freezing too but I was passed out from being up.) He said, "Why did you turn on the fan?" I explained the part about not wanting us to die from oil inhalation. We went back to bed confused and exhausted.

We woke up the next morning to find oil splattered on all of our walls. Whaaaat? This was just getting strange now. We scrutinized for a while trying to figure out how that was possible. Then it dawned on us. When I first woke up from steam (and oil) spraying from the top of the space heater, it had reached straight up to the ceiling fan. Once I turned the ceiling fan on, it whipped oil all across the room.

We stared googly-eyed at our bedroom wondering how in the world this craziness was even possible. Yes, this is our lives. We should be used to it by now! It reminds of the time my husband lived in Tajikistan before we dated. The local family hosting him (with 12 kids and hardly any money) had no heat for his bedroom, so he froze to death basically every night. Finally the family bought him a gas heater, and one night Danny woke up to it leaking gas into his room and making a strange noise. He freaked out and turned it off, only to realize that he probably would have died that night if he hadn't woken up. God was totally watching over him that night!

I still have to clean the oil splatter off the walls. Come to think of it, I need to clean a lot of things around here. But my kids are too cute, by golly. I just keep playing with them all day long and then ooops, the house is still a mess. I need a maid. That would be awesome. I could pay her with cookies and free photoshoots. Any takers? Hehe.

Here's a pic of my adorable mustard yellow sweater. After a few washes it still smells like oil. I am going to get that oil smell out if it's the last thing I do! Even if I have to freeze it outside, it's gonna happen.

All I can do it laugh- or else I get mad! ;)


  1. I'm SO sorry, that whole experience sounds like a nightmare! Why does crazy stuff like this always happen to you guys?! I'm glad you're all OK and you have a very good attitude! The mustard cardigan is adorable, I hope you can get the smell out!
    Oh and I LOVE the new look of your blog!
    Love ya!

  2. So you somehow actually got the oil out of your sweater and you can still wear it? That's pretty impressive. What is your cleaning secret?

    1. I sprayed shout and resolve max on the oil stains, then soaked the sweater in a dish soap and water mix overnight. Then I sprayed the shout and resolve max on again, then washed it and hung to dry. I repeated washing it about 5 times then finally it all came out! Phew. It was an expensive sweater so I was going to work hard fixing it!!! :)