Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Wow. Lately I've been so busy. Which topic do I write about?

My growing, beautiful family?

My four month old son who loves to giggle and grab for toys? Or how about how he learned to scream and loves to hear himself? About how much joy he brings us every minute of the day?

Or about how he likes to suck his toes? Flexibility at it's peek, my friends.

Or about how adorable he looks after a bath?

Or maybe I could write about my family visiting? How we played cards in the backyard every day?

Or how about our church's youth group? I could write about how we love to worship and discuss the Bible. Or how about the goofy games we play outside afterwards?

Or how about the wedding photobooth I did last weekend in Minneapolis? How I laughed my head off just taking the pictures, and how much more I roll over laughing while editing them? This lady... she needs to be my friend. She looks like a fun person, doesn't she? Whoever you are, please contact me so that we can hang out. You are awesome.

Too much to write about. Too little time.

That's how I like it :)

1 comment:

  1. So fun! I felt like I read a book with all those pictures- what a fun post!
    p.s. she does look like fun!! I'd be her friend!