Friday, September 14, 2012

Chalkboard paint DIY project

With the holidays coming up (and maybe some of your friends' or family members' birthdays...) you may be interested in this neat little project for present ideas!

I've been hearing all about chalkboard paint... so I decided to check it out for myself.

It really is that fantastic.

I originally needed it because I wanted to make my own chalkboards for my recent photobooth shoot at a wedding. I could not find a chalkboard anywhere for the life of me! So, by golly, time to make it myself.

To make the chalkboard I bought a square piece of wood and the paint at JoAnn Fabric, then a small rectangular piece of wood for the handle, which I glued on with wood glue. I painted on the chalkboard paint twice (1 hour apart) then let it dry for 24 hours. Wall-ah- finished!

Then I got to thinking... what else could I do with this spectacular chalkboard paint to spice up my life? So I rummaged through my house and found some old picture frames and old wall hangings with crafty-sayings that I didn't like. I just covered them all with chalkboard paint so that I can write little sayings and post them around the house!

I will change my "chalkboard sayings" from time to time according to what I'm learning in the Bible or what the Lord is teaching me. The hanging on our front door says "Compassion" because this week's lesson in our mom's group was about praying for our children to be compassionate (last week was wisdom). I like the fact that I can change what they say :)

So it's a great idea for presents, in my opinion. You may have an old picture frame or wall hanging that you never use that could easily be converted into a chalkboard. I painted the chalkboard paint on top of the cardboard backing in the picture frames, and it works just great. The wooden wall hangings work well with the paint too. The possibilities are endless. I think I'm going to go thrift store shopping for old wall hangings now...

(FYI... You will have to find a way to discard the glass from the picture frames.)

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