Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One million titles

I've been aching to write the one million blog titles that float around in my head every day. I think of one thing and soon I think of the next... ideas swirling around inside. But I'm just too busy. That's the plain and simple truth. These days I'm either changing a diaper, feeding Peter, playing with Sitora, snuggling with my hubby, taking care of the dog (we are dog-sitting), looking for the dog when he ran away, or preparing for a church service. It's all fun and wonderful and crazy and busy. But I miss my time to settle down at the computer and compile my thoughts into sentences. I feel so much better when I can spill it all out.

I've taken so many adorable pictures of the children lately. You wouldn't even believe how cute they are. Well, you probably can because, well, my kids are way cute :) I want to spend hours editing and looking over them, but I just don't have the time. Soon. Very soon.

Besides, we are living in a cabin in the woods with foxes and deer and bear cubs running around (we've seen all of those belive it or not!) Striking sunsets, powerful thunderstorms, rustling trees and singing birds. It's all just amazing really. I feel like I'm in paradise. I wake up in the morning, look out the back window, and just sigh. It's so breathtaking. My continuous hiatus from the internet is worth it when I can enjoy nature like this.

Instead of needing much worship music like usual, I can just sit and look outside and listen to the mysterious quiet, and my heart is stilled. It's powerful. I talk to God and listen for His voice. There is little distraction.

Living in Baku was difficult in that way. There was little nature to be found. I grew up a city girl but deep down inside I am a country girl.

How do I feel when I see my 3 1/2 year old outside in her ballerina costume playing with dirt and rocks? I love it.  Even if we all have to swat at the mosquitos and run away from the horseflies. I still love it.

We play a lot of imagination games these days. (Most of Sitora's toys were given away/sold in Baku, and most of the ones we did keep are still in storage!) Yesterday I played pretend games with Sitora in my British accent and she giggled the whole way through. We needed to defeat the "bad guys" after our car ride (on lawn chairs in the grass) to the doctor's office. So she rounded up all her ballerina "friends" to aid in our attack. "Come-on girls!" She cried. It was epic. You should have been there.

We close on our new home July 9th. I am beyond excited! Oh how I long to share the details with you and post delightful photos... but I have decided to keep you on your toes for now :) When the day comes I will post everything. We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams. The Lord loves me passionately and He shows it to me by giving me gifts like this home. He knows our deepest longings and desires. In His time He works all things for good to those who love Him!

"Mom, this is the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich of my whole life. Thank you! It tastes like Gnomeo and Juliet!"

"Mom, I fell in the toilet!"

"Mom. I love you."

"Mom, what does 'The whole earth is filled with His glory' mean?"

"Jesus conquered the grey! Jesus conquered the grey!"

(Speaking to imaginary children) "Repeat after me class, 'God is nice. He wants to kiss us on the cheek.' Great job class, you get a pink star!"

"Daddy, you are nice and yummy. Mommy, you look expensive."

"When I grow up, I'm gonna be a doctor. A doctor that fixes dogs."

"Mom, can you please leave? I need some alone time with God." (Pause. I look a bit shocked.) "Well, I guess you can stay with me and Jesus if you want."

This is the kind of charming talk I'm graced to hear every day from my little princess. May her words brighten your day too!

Happy Tuesday by the way :) Here's a cute pic of little man all dressed up for church Sunday. What a cutie, eh? He's smiling now. I'm smitten.

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