Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Peter is 3 weeks old

Wow. One day I was pregnant and the next my son is three weeks old. Where does the time go?! It seems so cliché to say, but seriously, you blink and they've grown!

We have moved and are temporarily living in our good friends' cabin until we close on a house. We loved our first Sunday at church- I love seeing my husband serving as the Senior Pastor! We still need to figure out how to work things out on Sunday mornings with our 2 children and me leading worship then him coming up to preach. It's like a "hand-off" making sure the kids are with one of us between us coming and going. I have a few girls in mind that I would love to come live with us and help me with the kids... but that is only wishful thinking :) (You know who you are!)

We are adjusting to so many new things at once, sometimes I feel like my head is spinning. But I am just taking it one day at a time, learning and processing, praying, and of course, taking naps! My mom comes this week and I am literally counting down the hours until she steps into the cabin. Sitora adores her Nana. Life is much easier with Grandma around!

I haven't taken as many photos as I would have liked by now of my newborn, but life has been a bit crazy. 

I've love taking photos of my sweet little man. Peter is the best little baby model. Awake or asleep, he just sits there so nicely and lets me snap shots like crazy. The flash doesn't bother him one bit :) His sister is already a professional photoshoot model so I guess he's taking notes from her. I am blessed to have beautiful kids to photograph. They are breathtakingly stunning. And without further adieu, here is Peter at his 2 week photoshoot. I've taken his three week photoshoot but haven't edited it yet, so that will be coming soon.

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  1. Oh, the lips!

    So glad your first Sunday went well. Miss you!