Thursday, May 17, 2012

In You

Sometimes I feel like superwoman.

Other times I barely have enough mental and physical energy to keep up with the kids and housework.

I have to keep reminding myself that I just had a baby, we are moving, and not to get disappointed in myself. We have so much on our plate and sometimes all I can do is just sit and listen to worship music to renew my strength. Every day I look forward to hearing Joyce Meyers on the radio at 11:40am. I can't wait to read my Bible every night before I fall asleep. I keep meandering back to the bedroom for some sort of spiritual refreshment throughout the day like a drive-through restaurant! I am giving so much out right now, and that's why I need Him so much.

Our car is still not working. We are looking for another one in the meantime. Lord please give us wisdom. We're so ready to just go. We're ready to move! But we are still here.

And yet my soul will still praise You. In the valley I will lift my voice in worship. You are my rock, my strong tower.

In You I find my strength. In You.

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