Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We're moving!

After months of praying and waiting on the Lord, we finally know the next step for our family!

I am excited to announce that we have been hired as the Senior Pastors for New Hope Assemblies of God church in Cornell, Wisconsin! Cornell is located about two hours east of Minneapolis and four hours northwest of Fond du Lac (where we are currently living).

We will be moving a few weeks after the baby is born. We sold or gave away the majority of our possessions when we left Baku last summer, so we won't have much to take with us when we move. We'll be starting all over from scratch buying furniture and household items. We are praying the Lord leads us to the perfect house. We want to host people for small groups, game nights, get-togethers, parties, etc... and hope to find a place with a big living room and yard to hold as many people as possible!

I can't wait to finally be settled and have a place to call home, yet once again. Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement during this time of waiting. The journey Father has brought us on these past few months has been hard at times, but I know the work He did in our hearts will forever change us.

I am so grateful for this new opportunity in our lives to serve Father and others. Our hearts burn with passion to live whole-heartedly for Him and Him alone. Wherever He leads us, we will go! Whether it is in Azerbaijan or America, we are His willing servants.

Now that we know where we will be moving, all I can think about is baby! When will he come? How will labor go? So many things running through my mind. Yet I will continue to trust in Him, knowing He is always with me through it all.


  1. Congrats on everything Casey! So glad your prayers have been answered and you can see whats going to happen for your family in the next few months! Good luck with the labor! You will do great!

  2. Congrats! Please know God has truly blessed your lives and will continue to because of your obedience! It is truly inspiring for my walk with Him as well :)

  3. Yay, what perfect timing and answer to many prayers! I'm so happy for you guys! Praying for a quick & smooth delivery for baby "Gilbert" now!
    Love you lots!

  4. So excited for you Casey, and of course for the whole family! Love you and miss you. You will be closer to the TC now.