Monday, April 16, 2012


Hello sparkly shoes. I almost didn't see you due to that baby bump of mine.

Hello darling girl. You make me laugh. This makes me want to take an airplane ride with you again across the ocean blue.

Hello water. You are seamless, calm, and still. I want to reflect my Savior the way you so perfectly reflect the cloudless sky.

Hello stream. I'd like to splash and play within your rocky waves like a child. Why must we act so grown-up all the time?

Hello trees. Your branches reach up to the sun, as if craving it's light. I squint and smile. You are majestic and mysterious.

Hello world. It's cold and windy while I am warm and snugly under my blanket. Sitora is sleeping and I hear nothing but the clicking sound of the keyboard. Little man is kicking me a bit but I think he's too squished to move much these days.

Today I stopped to smell the roses. I played with my princess. I sat on the ground like a child for our snack, tickled her while playing hide-and-seek under the covers, and giggled about nothing of importance. I offered my love a back massage and asked him how he's feeling today. I listened to Joyce Meyers and searched my heart. I read a good book and looked outside my window for inspirational thoughts.

How often do I pass all these beautiful things by in the name of time? I want to soak it all in some more, please.

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  1. Hey Casey, I love to read about you just being content with your surrounding and taking the time to see the beauty in all that the Lord has made. How easy is it to be busy all the time and never just be still. Thinking of you as you get ready to meet your baby face to face!