Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Casual messy-bun hairstyle

Let's face it. We don't all have time to do our hair fabulously every single day. Sure, we have our days when we are going somewhere special and we schedule in "hair time" with our curling or flat iron, hair spray and all. But for the days when you just need to get up 'n go, this is the style I chose!

  1. Depending on your hair style, you need to figure out how you want the front to look. I am growing out my bangs, so I pin them back with a slight poof. I use blonde colored bobby pins. If you have bangs you can style them as normal. 
  2. Pull all your hair back into a pony-tail. Make it loose and slightly messy. Sometimes if I feel the pony-tail is too tight, I'll just gently pull at the roots to loosen the hair up a bit. You can let wispy hairs around your face and neck fall down- it adds to the casual look.
  3. Once your pony-tail is secured, take the ends of your pony-tail and start weaving them through the pony-tail elastic. This is also called a "messy bun". 
  4. I secure the messy bun with a few bobby pins here and there just to keep it in place. 
  5. I added a cute flower clip for fun :)
  6. Spritz a bit of hairspray and TA-DA, you're done :)

Here is a video tutorial of me showing you how to do it...

I do this hairstyle on my daughter as well, except I do a french braid in the front of her face instead of pinning it back. You can alter this messy bun pony-tail in so many ways, the possibilities are endless!

Now it's time for me to get some work done. This is definitely my "work" hairdo. I totally kicked back yesterday doing a whole lotta nothin', so I'm getting back in gear today :)

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Today I am exactly one week from D-Day. Sitora was born exactly a week before her due date, so I was hoping there was a chance this time. Don't think so. Little man is quite content inside his little cocoon. *sigh* I am not enjoying this waiting game!

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  1. This looks great Casey. How do you do step 3?

    :) Marney