Monday, April 2, 2012

A few things actually

Lots of things have happened this past week! In no particular order...

  • After seeing this idea on one of my favorite blogs here, I was determined to do it myself. I was at Goodwill one night (might I add the 50% off day!) and found this adorable wall hanging! It was perfect for the craft and just what I was looking for. It's a house-shaped shelf to hang in Sitora's room (once we move into our own place... someday...) and it can display small knick knacks or toys! 

I grabbed my scrapbooking pages and cut them out to fit in each shelf. It was a bit tricky to cut out the odd shapes and glue them in, but it worked. Now there are lots of fun cute designs and not just the plain brown wood in the back.

  • Sitora loves wearing this adorable Big Sister shirt. I wish I had it when we were announcing this pregnancy, it would have been the perfect way to tell people. But we have it now, and it suits it's purpose perfectly :)

  • The princess also learned how to shoot a BB gun for the first time! Her Grandpa taught her and she was thrilled. She's been talking about going hunting with her Daddy to "shoot some deer" ever since hunting season last fall, so this is the beginning I guess :)

Yes, she closed her eyes for one of the shots. I believe she still hit the box though!

Going to check out the hole she made...

Some other funny random things from the week are...

  • Sitora and I were in the kitchen eating dinner when all of a sudden we heard a loud noise outside. She was totally serious when she asked, "Mom, was that a man? Or was it a muppet?" (For those of you who have seen the new Muppet movie, you will totally understand this.) I laughed my head off. It was hilarious. 
  • I gave my 17 year old brother-in-law his first piano lesson. He already knew the names of the notes so we quickly moved on to learning chords. For those of you who know piano, you will be amazed at this. He learned almost all the major/minor chords, and I taught him Amazing Grace. He learned chords like C/E and Dm7. For his first lesson I was so proud of his progress!
  • SuperDan ordered me a sewing machine! I learned how to use one in junior high home economics class, but totally don't remember a thing. I can't wait to try new projects on it!
  • SuperDan surprised me with a Canon Speedlite external flash for my camera! Now my indoor shots will be more crisp and clear. I jumped up and down when he handed it to me and gave him a gigantic hug. I've been practicing on people like crazy trying to figure it out. It's way awesome.  I love it because many times I want to capture our family moments at home, but it's often dark outside and I can't rely on the natural light coming through the windows. Here's an example of an indoor photo with the new flash:

  • I'm feeling my Braxton-Hicks contractions more frequently then ever now... I'm hoping little man makes his appearance in the next 2-3 weeks!

The last few days have been happy. How about yours?

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  1. Eeep! Casey I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dollhouse shelf. I may need to steal your idea.

    I can't believe you're this close. I can't wait to meet your new baby boy. Perhaps he and August will be close friends like Ivy and Sitora. :)