Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Perfect accessories

My mother so graciously gifted me a Kohl's card for Christmas... so I bounced up and down begging SuperDan to take us on a family date to Milwaukee so we could go shopping today.

It was the best decision of my life!

Well... ehem... okay... that's exaggerating a bit, I know.

But seriously.

I found the perfect accessories for my vintage collection and nearly passed out when I first laid eyes on them. Could it really be? And they were on sale! Oh the joys.

My mother has this unique talent (which came from my Grandmother) of buying the perfect gifts for others. She just knows me. This owl ring and flower pin? They have my name written all over them. Mom, you are the bomb. Christmas was complete this year because of you. *sigh*

To top it all off, we ate at Subway and shared a peppermint mocha from McD's (tastes totally like Starbucks... for basically half the price) while the SeƱorita munched on chicken nuggets and fries. Delightful.

I think I fall in love with my husband more every day... especially after having a child. Watching him play with her just melts my heart... it is more romantic to me than roses or diamonds. The saying is true... love grows with time.

The only downside of the day? When I was waiting for my man to pick me up in front of Target and three gansta boyz tried hitting on me. Hello... do you SEE my pregnant belly? 

Family dates are wonderful... when can we do it again?

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