Wednesday, December 28, 2011

23 weeks

Oh little Junior... how I wonder what you will be like.

Feisty, strong-willed, and animated like your big sister?

She loves you already. I have a feeling you two are going to be good friends.

I feel you kick all the time, but especially when we are in worship or prayer times. You must love worship music just like your big sister did when I was pregnant with her!

I can't wait to meet you so I can show you the world. Your Daddy wants to wrestle you and take you deer hunting. I want to snuggle you and build Lego towers together. Sitora wants to help take care of you all by herself. I appreciate her willingness but at this point all babysitting on her part will supervised ;)

You sure are getting big in there! I read that you weigh about a pound now. How tiny your little fingers must be.

Just a few more months and we'll see each other face to face. Will you look handsome like your Daddy? Will you be born with a full head of hair like your sister was? Oh the anticipation!

I fold and unfold your little clothes and dream about seeing you in them. I can't wait to wrap you up in your brown puppy blanket! I hope you will like snuggling up in the sling so I can walk around the house with you all day long.

I know those nights will seem long when you wake up at 3:00am to eat... but they are special moments that I will treasure forever.

We are waiting for you.

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  1. I am so excited for you Casey!!! Having siblings is AMAZING!!! It's so fun to watch your kids grow in relationship with each other!

    It was really fun to see you all the other day, wish you were around here more!!!