Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY Christmas cards

I know Christmas is only 11 days away, but there is still time to make homemade Christmas cards for the ones you love!

I'm not talking about the mass cards you send out to hundreds of folks at the holidays. I'm talking about the people closest to you, the ones you will most likely see on Christmas day or wish you could be with.

Making cards can be quick and easy... and you can use your own special touch to make it that much more special.

Here are my homemade Christmas cards for this year. If you are interested in doing a project like this, here is how!

Items needed:
  • Stationary - cards and envelopes
  • Hemp
  • Ribbon
  • Stamps and stamp pad (Wal-Mart sells special holiday stamps!)
  • Special scrapbook glue
  • Super fine sharpies (or whatever pen you prefer)

  •  Cut out ribbon to desired length and glue across the top of the front of card.
  • Cut out about a 6 inch piece of hemp, tie it into a bow, then glue it on the ribbon.
  • Use your stamps to create a merry greeting (I used my ultra fine sharpies to color in the little owl stamp).

  • On the inside (or on the back in my case) cut out a piece of paper smaller than your card and glue it on. Then write a holiday message! Get creative, don't just use a plain black pen/sharpie to write your message. Try green or red for fun!
  • When you're all finished, write your loved one's name and put a stamp on the front.

Don't just sign your name on a card, put some thought into your message and tell that person how special they are to you. Everyone needs encouragement and uplifting words in life :)

 Have fun crafting!

Christmas is coming... I can hardly wait!


  1. Thanks for the card! You don't even NEED to mail it now that we've read/seen the whole thing! hahaha ;) Can't wait to see you!!