Monday, December 12, 2011

Boy or Girl? The answer revealed!

We walked into our ultrasound appointment this morning with anticipation and excitement. I think it was even more sentimental bringing Sitora with us so she could see pictures of the baby too! My mother-in-law and Danny's 6 year old little sister came along as well which made it even better :)

As the technician took pictures of the baby's brain, heart, stomach, legs, nose, and chin, I felt myself overwhelmed with love, joy, peace, gratitude, and complete awe in the sovereignty of Father. Only He alone could orchestrate such a miracle. This baby is only half-way formed in the womb, and yet it is a living, breathing, active little person with a personality all it's own. My heart skipped a beat as we took our first look at baby's little face.

It took my breath away.

Welcome to the world little baby boy! We can't wait to meet you :)

Here's a cute video of our little man kicking me. He is in a hilarious position - he's sandwiched in half and seems to like it just fine!

And the winner of the contest? Not many of you guessed boy... but from those who did....

Julie - you are the winner! Check out my website here to pick out which picture you want for your personalized stationary and let me know what message you want printed inside! Also email me your home address so it can be shipped directly to you. You can facebook me or email me at javamammacasey at gmail

We are absolutely elated! A little boy. A little boy. I keep saying it in my head... It seems so surreal!


  1. OH I'm SOOO happy for you guys!! I really wanted to hear from you what it was and I was really careful to not look at anything you wrote on facebook, etc but I saw it one day and then I told myself that I wouldn't read your blog but here we are...I just couldn't keep myself away! So So SO excited for you! Boys are super great fun! Today Rhine said to Titus, "Titus! You're dirty!", he said, "I like being dirty", "you know why that is?", *head shaking, "cause you're a boy".

  2. Aww, I just saw this post and for the first time can relate to that excitement of seeing your baby for the first time. I kept saying "wow!" all throughout our ultrasound. We saw baby move and the Dr. pointed out arms, legs, etc. and I just kept saying "wow!" and now I just keep looking at the pictures and it just feels even more real than it did the first 12 weeks. It's also so fun to be able to go though pregnancy with Krista and Meg and to hear about your experience too!