Sunday, November 6, 2011

Win a photoshoot!

It's that time again friends.. the time where I give you a chance to win a free photoshoot! I've been dying to have this contest since moving back to the states. Unfortunately this will only be open to my Wisconsin friends. I may have a contest for my Minnesota and Nebraska friends at a later date when I can travel to you... so stay tuned!

The rules of this contest are easy peasy. Simply comment below with your favorite Thanksgiving memory. I thought I'd start the month off to a thankful start :) Make sure you enter by this Wednesday, November 9th! I will randomly select one of the comments to win!

To kick start, I'll share my favorite Thanksgiving memory...

My parents always opened up our home to anyone in need of "family" for Thanksgiving. They wanted everyone to know they had a special place to come if they were lonely. But one particular Thanksgiving stands out in my heart among the rest. One year my mom signed us up serve dinner at our local homeless shelter. We spent Thanksgiving day serving others instead of staying comfy inside our home together. Thank you Mom for instilling compassion in my heart and for being an example of selfless love.

Now it's your turn :) You could end up like this family who won a free shoot with me a few months ago!


  1. We spent every year with my mom's side of the family and what you need to know is that my my grandfather was so in love with Jesus and he was passionate about prayer. So we would all stand in a hold hands and pray before eating. All of us kids would watch the "poor sucker" who was holding my grandfathers hand because as he prayed his passion took over and it usually came out on the people who's hand he was holding. I miss my grandfather more than I can say nine years later and that memory is always brought up at family get togethers. It makes us all smile and thankful that we were the one who got to hold his while while he prayed.

  2. What a great idea Casey!! Some of my favorite Thanksgivings were spent at my Aunt's house. All of my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins were there - there were 11 kids and 8 adults. We spent the time eating and playing together. My Aunts house was huge and full of secret hiding spots - a kids hide-n-seek dream:) The memories seem so vivid to me because of the feelings they cause me to feel all over again. Feeling that my family was together and happy caused a feeling of safey and security that I hope to pass onto my own family.
    Sara W.