Friday, September 30, 2011

The Excellent Wife

I have no clue how long we will be living in Wisconsin, but I know for a fact that as long as I'm here, it's crucial that I get involved with other believers. No man is an island. We need the fellowship and encouragement and sharpening of other believers in our lives, no matter how old or wise we may be. We attend services on Sundays, but I also want something deeper to challenge my faith.

I was invited to join a ladies study on the book The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace.

We had our first meeting last night at an adorable new coffee shop by our old house! If that coffee shop would have existed two years ago when we still lived here, I would have been a regular customer for sure! Let me tell you, I know this book is gonna kick me in the booty. But that's a good thing, right? :) Let me give you a few excerpts from the first chapter to get you hooked as well...

"As a beautiful flower in the light of the morning sun reflects the glory of Father's creation, an excellent wife reflects Father's glory by her attitudes and actions."

"Father's will for every believing wife is that her most important ministry be to her husband (Genesis 2:18). After a wife's own personal relationship with the Lord, nothing else should have greater priority. Her husband should be the primary benefactor of his wife's time and energy, not the recipient of what may be left over at the end of the day."

"Father has called every believing wife to His excellence! Any flower can bloom when it is tended by Father's hand. A wife's responsibility is to learn to put her confidence in the faithfulness of Father and His Word- to do what He says. She can become what He wants her to become if she does what He wants her to do. There is no other way!"

Wow, doesn't that excite you? When us women chatted after reading the first chapter, I felt inspired and determined to take a closer look at my marriage and make sure my husband is a priority I am taking seriously. Anything good takes work. A good marriage doesn't just happen, and it doesn't just stay good. It's like a garden that requires continual weeding and careful attention. I am deeply in love with my SuperDan and I want to do what it takes to keep our marriage alive and healthy. If we pour into our marriage, then our parenting will thrive, our ministry will thrive, and our generally well-being will thrive.

I am deeply saddened by the rate of divorce in this country. I am still very young and already many people in my age group have divorced. When I was growing up, I hardly knew anyone who was divorced. Times are changing. It's time now more than ever to stand up for marriage and teach our children what commitment and forgiveness and perseverance can do for a lifetime of love. It's not easy. Definitely not easy. But it's worth it. So very worth it!


  1. Amen Sister! wow-ee those quotes are intense! So good though! Ladies BB Study has started and you are missed!! Several ladies ask me about you and tell me how they are excited about your pregnancy!! You will be treasure to those ladies as well!!

  2. Awesome quote, and way to convicting for comfort! Something I need to be reminded of. Thanks for that, Casey. :-) MaryC