Saturday, August 13, 2011

Come back on Monday

Getting medical care overseas is never easy and it's always a scary adventure you can laugh about later. As we spoke with the workers at a medical clinic today asking for some data results, we were told, "That particular doctor is not in today. Come back Monday." My thought? Monday- I could be dead by Monday!

I have a UTI and a mild kidney infection. 


My favorite part? Laying down in the backseat of our car writhing in pain as we bump up and down along the horrible back roads by our home. That drive to the medical clinic seemed an eternity.

At one point I was in such excruciating pain, I felt like my brain was a blank book. How much more pain could I handle before I just blacked out?

I looked up into the sky with tears streaming down my face and sobs shaking my body, and quietly asked Father to take away the pain, if only for a moment. I wasn't angry or scared to be in the situation, I just felt so hopeless in my pain. About 30 minutes later the pain subsided enough for me to fall asleep in the back seat for a few minutes. The pain did eventually come back, but I felt that it was a window of hope signaling me that healing would come.

Thank you Father for your grace in times of need. Thank you to my husband for immediately taking action in my care. Thank you to our friends who watched our daughter for us during this time. And a huge thank you goes to the western doctor working here who gave us very thorough advice over the phone throughout the ordeal.

I am resting at home, on antibiotics, taking it easy and feeling guilty/stressed about not being able to pack. But my husband insisted that I do absolutely no work today. He's so smart.

Healing is coming.

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  1. Oh friend, I'm so sorry! I feel your pain! YES, take advantage of SuperDan's offer to rest and get better, and do NOT feel guilty!! Your packing will all come together and Father will give you grace. I'm asking for quick and complete healing for you! Love you!