Monday, August 1, 2011

A boy comes home

Remember the disabilities orphanage I've visited a few times? Well we have some exciting news about one of the boys living there!

About a year ago I wrote this post. I talked about how our youth group raised over $1,000 for two deaf teenagers to receive hearing aides! It was amazing to see how hard our youth worked preparing for a bake sale and worship concert to raise the funds. My favorite part about the whole thing is how the teenagers were also given therapy by orphanage volunteers to help them "learn" about hearing and speaking.

We received news a few months ago that one of the teenagers was finally about to go home with his mother! Sometimes parents who leave their children at orphanages eventually have a reason to take them back. In this case, him getting hearing aides and therapy was a HUGE part of why he was able to come home!

Is this not one of the most amazing praise reports ever? I mean, this young boy is now able to live at home with his family. I cannot imagine how he must feel.

We can make a difference in this world. Even if we can only help one person, it means the world to them. And that is reason enough to try.

Thank you Father! If your eye is on the sparrow, then how much more is your eye on every one of your children here on earth?

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