Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some days

Some days are just simply amazing.

Like today.

Yes, all these photos are from one day. Can you believe it?

I love this hobby/side job of mine. I think I'll keep it.


  1. Awesome!!! I know Beth really wanted one of them swinging Ben. I don't know if Hannah got one or not. She will love this one if you don't mind passing it on to her. Again, great job!

  2. thank you for the fun time, Casey. i love it so much. some of my fb friends wrote to me that first time they saw my real color. hahahah
    i cannot wait to have more these kind fun days.
    i also enjoyed to know you closer. i learned from you to put a flower to my hair. :)
    thanks a lot

  3. Feel pretty blessed to have you share your from-Father talent with us...It was a joy to see you making some photographer-disciples with generosity and fun as well. Have looked at these pics again and again (the ones of Fidan are SO lovely, too!) and will treasure that day for a long time. Thanks again and again:) Beth