Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

What a great Mother's Day so far, and it's not over yet!

It started out with a wonderful morning service where our youth band was honored to lead worship. I was so proud of all my students and how far they have come in their musical abilities! I was thinking how sweet it must be for my students' mothers to see them worshiping Father on stage for Mother's Day! What a privilege to serve our fellowship in this way. I am thankful the leadership gives the youth a chance to lead - it gives me goosebumps when we are up there together ushering the congregation into the Lord's presence. I pray someday my sweet sunshine is able to be on a worship team as well :) It's not like she doesn't already think she is. As soon as service gets over, she bee-lines for the stage and starts singing "into" the microphone (the microphone is 4 feet above her head) then she jumps onto the piano bench, taps her feet to the beat (her own beat of course), and plays her heart out on the keys.

After service SuperDan took us to my favorite Azeri restaurant. Some may call me crazy but I didn't want to go to a fancy Western place to eat. I love our quaint local shop where we know all the waiters and they give Sitora a balloon... where they already know what we're going to order because we're so regular... and where our pocket hardly takes a dent because the prices are so low!

We then walked around a local park and watched Sitora chase after birds, pick dandelions, and fall down in the mud. I didn't even care that she got her new pink tights muddy - I long for her to be in nature more then she gets the chance to.

On our way back home SuperDan told me to go into one of my favorite accessory stores to pick out a new purse. My purse is hanging by a thread (literally... and I've re-sewn it just to keep it going one last stretch). I got an adorable blue and white polka-dot purse with a bow on front - LOVE IT! :)

Now my loves are taking a nap in the other room while I sit here and relish in my blessings. Tonight we'll call our moms and grandmas to tell them how much we love and adore them. Then I'll become teary-eyed wishing I could give them hugs and kisses in person... but I am thankful that my relationships with these incredible women are all strong and beautiful. I have such an amazing legacy of women to follow after, and I am grateful for the wisdom and inspiration they have laid out for me!

So Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers- Father created us for a special purpose in this world. May we as mothers continue to reflect the heart of Father God to His children all across the world.

P.S. None of these pictures were taken with my new camera. I didn't feel like bringing it along today. The lil' ol' point-and-shoot is still goin' strong even if she doesn't take fancy pictures :)

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