Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hairstyles, photography, and a baby in the tub

Last night at our youth girl's study we had a special speaker. She is a mom of one of our youth girls and I have grown to love her so dearly! It's such a blessing to have older, wiser women speak into the lives of younger ones. Her message was about being versus doing. Powerful, simple, and so deep. How often do we run around like headless chickens scrambling to serve, but yet we are neglecting the most important thing of all- sitting at the feet of Father's Son and being with Him? Doing is good. It's not bad. But it can be bad if it is taking the place of being with Father.

One of our special speaker's fun questions at the beginning of the lesson intrigued me. She asked, "What things do you want to do in the future?" I know the message was about being and not doing- but I really liked this little exercise because it got me thinking of some future goals. I think sometimes I say yes to tasks in order to serve, but they aren't necessarily my passion or calling. I am always re-checking my schedule and appointments making sure they are in line with what I am really called to do. I have to say no a lot and I feel that I am getting better! SuperDan always pats me on the back with encouragement when I muster up the guts to turn down a flattering yet not pertinent task for me at the time.

Wanna hear my list? I guess you could say it's somewhat of a bucket list... but not that precise. Just some fun main goals for the future.

1. I want to adopt two children.
2. I want to have two more children of our own.
3. I want to be someone's wedding planner at least once. Like the real deal, Jennifer Lopez style.
4. I want to build my photography business.

These things I am passionate and excited about! Just typing them gives me goosebumps.

In line with the wedding planner business... I am totally obsessed with cool hairstyles. (Who says the wedding planner can't do the bride's hair as well?) :) I've been playing around with different unique styles and it's been a blast. Check out this website to try this new kind of crown braid- click here.

Or how about the side chignon bun wedding hairstyle? If I could go back in time, I would switch my wedding day hairstyle to this. Although SuperDan did request my hair was to be half-up/half-down with flowers... hmmm... I guess I shouldn't go back in time to change it then if that's what he wanted :)

To see the step-by-step process click here:

P.S. To my dear sister-in-law-soon-to-be-wed Annah- I am totally wanting to do hair for any of us bridesmaids and flower girls at your wedding- don't forget! :)

As far as building my photography business goes... it's coming! Slow, but steady. I've almost completed the picture orders for an international school here. I'm really proud of the final product! Of course I know now what could have been done differently, but it means I will do that much better next time.

Someday I hope all my dreams come true. In the meantime, I am enjoying the life Father has blessed me with. I am learning to be more than I do... I am learning to find my value and worth simply in being a child of God, not in the tasks I perform. And when I do serve, I'm learning to seek it all for Father's glory and not my own. In the end we will lay our crowns before the feet of Father's Son anyway- it's all for Him alone!

On one final note, here's a cute video of my senorita (I don't know how to make the cool Spanish "n" on this keyboard, anyone know how?) I'm having so much fun experimenting with the manual focus and zoom on my new camera. Enjoy!

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