Thursday, March 31, 2011

THE Book

Sitora has a favorite book. Can you guess what it is?

Her Bible!

Last summer I bought her the Rhyme Bible Storybook directly from Focus on the Family Bookstore in Colorado (I went there!) Her first year of life we used the Baby Bible, but with her huge vocabulary and growing attention span, I was keen on the fact that she needed something more mature. I can't wait to "upgrade" her bibles every few years to include more in depth study for her increasing age.

What she loves about this particular kids Bible is that it flows poetic-like and I always read it in a sing-song voice. The pictures are hilarious and she is crazy about them! Before she goes to sleep for the night I tell her to sit and read her Bible on her bed while I lay next to her. She flips through the pages and reads the stories out loud to herself. It cracks me up how she confuses names and places, but it melts my heart that she is learning the greatest truths of all time at such an early age! I'll ask her, "Which story do you want to read first?" and she'll reply, "Hmmm, Abaham, Sarah and Isgick. No, Jonah and da whale. No, Jsus dyin on da cross." And for some reason she has it in her head that there is a story about "Jsus takin da money." She constantly asks for this story, and I have no clue where she got the idea from. Maybe I could use her infatuation with this so-called "story" to start teaching her about how we should give our money to Father. I bet she'd love to "save" her money (earned from chores!) and put 10% (or more) in the offering on Sundays. I think she's ready for this concept.

We also listen to the Daily Audio Bible For Kids podcast nearly every day together. She always asks to listen to it! There are three different kids that take turns reading a passage from the New Testament every day- Max, China and Jill. I feel like they are our friends in real life after hearing their voices so often :) The little boy Max is hilarious - he does funny voices and goofs around. Sitora always giggles when hearing him and remarks, "He's silly Mamma!"

I pray Sitora grows to love the Word of God more and more every day. I pray these young years of Bible reading will build a foundation of truth and knowledge in her heart for the years to come.

I myself am falling in love with the Word more than ever before now that I listen to the Daily Audio Bible (for adults). It strikes me in a different way when I hear the Scriptures as well as read them. I really encourage all of you to check out the website here and listen. (You can also get an app for your iphone- sweetness!)

People from all over the world are tuning in together- won't you join us?

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