Thursday, January 27, 2011


SuperDan and I had a date the other night.

We didn't go anywhere. We just put our Princess to bed, lit a candle, and played Scrabble while drinking tea. It was delightful!

You see the word "zooty" up there? Ya, it's really a word. Google it. I got some major points for using a Z, and I think it was on a triple letter spot too! Score!

We played Scrabble on our first date ever. It was in Minneapolis at Barnes and Noble bookstore. Danny gave me this exact travel Scrabble game as part of my "first date" gift. Explaining our whole first date would take an entirely new blog post- maybe some other day!

Ya, we're hardcore. We use special Scrabble books and everything. Call us nerds, but we are smart nerds mind you. (Oh wait, aren't all nerds smart? Duh Casey...)

You should come on over and play with us. I guarantee you'll learn a new word or two :)

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  1. I bought Brian Scrabble for Christmas, he has NEVER played!!