Thursday, January 20, 2011

The royal laundry

This is a story about my laundry.

Once upon a time Queen Casey stumbled upon a large load of laundry piled up in her royal suite. Most of the laundry, of course, belonged to King Dan. 

Princess Sitora arrived just in time. She, along with her Queen mother, just couldn't conjure the motivation to actually do the laundry. So they sat. And they sat. And they sat some more.

Queen Casey stared off into oblivion while Princess Sitora danced a royal dance around the laundry throne.

Finally they realized that the pile of laundry was actually quite comfy. They sat upon the laundry throne and ruled their kingdom with grace and poise. 


*Author's note: Queen Casey and Princess Sitora did actually end up doing the laundry. They just needed some imagination to liven the chore up. 

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