Saturday, January 22, 2011

Father and daughter

I think I fell in love with my SuperDan even more the day our daughter came into this world two years ago.  So many times before she was born I wondered how our love would have "time" to blossom while parenting at the same time. I was seriously misguided. Being parents has brought an entirely new perspective on what's "romantic" for us.

I don't need a candlelit dinner or romantic night on the town to melt my heart anymore (even though it's seriously awesome when it happens). All I have to do is take one look at my husband doting over our daughter and my eyes well up in tears. Sitora doesn't even realize how blessed she is to have a Daddy like that.

My husband has a sweet tradition he's carried out with our daughter since her days of newborn-ness. I give her a bath, then he takes her to her bedroom and blow dries her hair. Almost every single time.

I hope they carry on this tradition for as long as possible. Can you image a young girl blossoming into teenage-hood knowing that her Daddy adores her so much that he would still take the time to do this with her? I can't say how long she will agree to this bonding time, but for as long as it continues, my heart will continue to melt.

The first man a little girl falls in love with is her Daddy. He is her first impression of masculinity, security, strength, and love. He ultimately will be her first impression of our Heavenly Father. How she relates to her earthly Daddy will directly affect how she relates toward her Heavenly Father.

And for those who do not have an earthly father that walks in this calling rightly, I know a Heavenly Father who fills that gap utterly and completely. 

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