Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rock out!

Today was pretty much amazing. Considering I was running on 4 hours of sleep and I forgot to drink coffee on my way out the door, it went better than I hoped!

Our youth band played for the service this morning. We practiced for two hours yesterday and one hour before service. These students give their whole hearts when they play. Humble musician hearts are what I look for in team members. I would much rather have a rookie player whose heart was simply just to please Father, than a seasoned musician who thinks they are the bee's knees. I've been playing music for 19 years, but I still mess up from time to time. We all have room to grow.

I can't help but chuckle when I think about our opening song. It was "No One Like You" by David Crowder Band. If you know me well, you know I'm basically obsessed with DCB. They are top noch in my book. I never get tired of their music. So anyways, we play the song exactly like on the CD. The second bridge goes: "We're not alone, so sing along, sing along, sing along..." Then we shout, "ONE TWO THREE FOUR... HERE WE GO!" For the first time ever I decided that the band would do a synchronized jump right after "four". Ya. It was pretty much amazing. You should have been there :)

Then for the last song, "Here I am to Worship" we had some students come out and do a worship dance along with our band. It was powerful and moving. I'm a dancer at heart- always have been, always will be. I can't help but choreograph dance to worship music when I'm alone and no one is watching :) It was way too easy and fun to teach the girls. Their hearts are so willing and pure to serve Father. I love it.

I'm really passionate about interactive worship. Dance, media, jumping, whatever it may be. I figure thousands of screaming fans jump like crazy loons during football games, doesn't our Father deserve far more than that? There is a time and season for everything- quiet meditation, silence, stillness... but also whole-hearted abandoned praise for our Maker!

I may be getting older, but it's times like these I still feel like a teenager rockin' it out like old times :)

P.S. The older I get, the more I hope to actually look my age. But sadly, no. Everyone will forever think I'm 16. Might as well act like it once in a while then, I guess :)

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