Thursday, January 6, 2011

Death is not the end

A boy we know just passed away from cancer this week. Our hearts ache within us. How do you describe in words how something traumatic like this makes you feel? I mourn for the family. I cry thinking of the pain he endured his last moments on earth. I rejoice knowing he is with Father dancing around the throne in a fully healed body. I shed tears thinking of what it would feel like to lose a child. My heart is full of emotions.

Even though he died at a young age, it would still be true to say he lived a full life.

How is that possible? You ask.

John 10:10 says that Father gives us abundant life, life to the fullest.

An abundant life doesn't mean you acquire lots of things. It doesn't mean you make as much money as possible so you can have a comfortable life. It doesn't mean you live to be a ripe old age and watch your grandchildren have children. It doesn't mean you have the best of everything.

No, no. An abundant life means freedom, grace, forgiveness, truth, joy, peace. It is knowing Father deeply on this earth and knowing you will spend eternity with Him.

The true purpose of life is to know Father and to make Him known.

This young boy knew Father, and he made Father known his last days on earth. His faith was solid, his heart steadfast. The courage and wisdom he had is truly exceptional for his age. He didn't live a long life, but he led a full life. That's what matters my friends.

What do you hope and dream for your children? That they would settle down and live a comfortable life? That they would have the best of everything and store up earthly treasures? I pray that instead, we would all pray our children experience abundant life with Father. Our prayer should be that our children would know Father and make Him known on this earth, no matter how long or short a life they live.

When you enter eternity, do you want to stand before Father knowing you gave everything to live for Him? I sure do. He is all that matters. His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. He is faithful and in control. He is the calm in the storm.

May we all live our lives as abundantly as dear Nathan. He received his reward when he heard these words from Father, "Well done, good and faithful servant." Oh, to see that smile on Father's face with open arms! I long for the day when I too shall see His face!

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  1. This really touched me... Just what I needed to hear about our Father in Heaven, our savior and God, being all that matters. I truly want His will, not mine. To be abundant in life with Him... its all that matters. We need NOTHING more.
    God Bless and thank you for posting!