Monday, December 27, 2010

Video hair tutorial- casual school day look

It's time for a video hair tutorial. Doesn't that sound nice? You can just watch and learn! You don't have to stumble through my lengthy instructions on how to do your hair. Oh how boring that can be, I'm sure! Wait, don't answer that...

This would be a quick, easy hairstyle for a casual school day (one of my readers asked for something of the sort). You could change it up and straighten or curl your hair instead of scrunching with gel (which is what I did in the video) and then clip your hair to the side or pull it up like I did. 

I hope you enjoy it!

Anyone who tries this hairstyle, or any hairstyle I've mentioned in my blog, will be entered to win free personalized stationary from my website here! Just email me at javamammacasey at and send a pic of your beautiful 'do by Monday, January 3rd! Consider it my New Year's gift :)


  1. Case, your video tutorial was GREAT! I'm totally gonna try that hair do! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post more! - especially the one of the braid across your hairline because I LOVE THAT one but I am so bad at doing it. :)

  2. oh yeah, and I totally remember getting up at the crack of dawn in junior high - we had to have those bangs just perfect, right? :)