Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanksgiving crafts, toddler style

I've been meeting regularly with a dear friend to pray for our children, ourselves, and talk about everything "mommy". I've been challenged and inspired to spend more quality time planning focused craft/lesson times for Sitora. When we do crafts together, her eyes light up and the sparkle I see infuses my inspiration even more! I guess I kept thinking she was a bit "too young" for that, but the more I try, the more I realize she can comprehend it.

So this past week we started some Thanksgiving crafts. I searched online for free printable coloring pages, and settled on a Pilgrim and Indian picture, and a pumpkin picture. I picked these for two reasons...

1. I could teach her about the Pilgrims and Indians, and explain in very easy English what happened on the first Thanksgiving (AKA: The Pilgrims were sad and needed help. The Indians helped the Pilgrims make food. They became friends and were happy and thankful! What are we thankful for? We are thankful for ________...)

2. The pumpkin was cute and simple. I love all things pumpkin anyways, so why not? And it was an easy way to teach her another vegetable word!

Then I drew and cut out a Turkey on plain white paper. I did this off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are printable turkey pictures on the internet for anyone who doesn't want to draw one themselves. Then I cut out feathers on different colored paper. Together we taped the feathers on the turkey, then colored it.

After seeing this post on my friend's blog here, I was inspired to create a space in our living room to "show off" Sitora's artwork. Not only can she be reminded of the lesson and things learned, but she's reminded how proud of her we are, and the fond memories we made together are relived. So I took some hemp I brought from the States, tied loopholes on each end, then hung them on the nails already holding 2 pictures up on our wall (our walls are concrete in our apartment so I can't just make a new hole easily).

Sitora's Thanksgiving crafts are hanging above her play space for her to see every day! She often asks me to take them down so she can color them some more. I love it! I can't wait for every season and holiday, and the memories we can make this way.

Check out this awesome video of me quizzing her on our lesson. She got an A+ in my book! :)

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  1. it's so fun to teach our kids! My kids LOVE craft time too, it doesn't really matter what it is, as long as they get to cut and glue, they're in!