Friday, November 19, 2010

Confessions of a potty-training mom

Potty training. Seems easy enough, right?


For some reason I guess I always figured this stage in Sitora's life wouldn't be so bad. After all, my child is a genius! (Oh wait, you think that about your kid too? Hmmm a mommy trend?)

It's not rocket science. You put your kid on the potty and they go. Simple.

Ya, not so much.

Let's just say Sitora will sit on her little potty for up to 30 minutes while we read books or play, and she still won't go. When her poor little bum is sore from sitting so long, she gets up to run around for a bit. And that's when she decides to, well, you know... go.

I can't tell you how many puddles of pee I've stumbled across in our little apartment. I'm actually quite paranoid now... the faintest hint of anything damp on the floor immediately invokes a *eeeek* from this momma.

The other night while Sitora was taking a bath I saw her playing with a toy I didn't recognize. "Oh," I thought, "what's that?" Sitora then handed it to me, "Here mamma!" It was brown and squishy. You do the math.

On top of my incredibly insane life, raising my adorable toddler in general, plus potty training is seriously sapping all sanity in this brain of mine. "Earth to Casey, Earth to Casey..."

The other day I said to Danny, "I need a break. Please, take our child!!!!" He raised an eyebrow and gave a slight grin, implying that he understood. I rushed to the kitchen, poured myself some tea with honey, then stared at the wall. It was glorious.

Later that night Sitora and I just threw ourselves on pillows and giggled uncontrollably. I started to pretend like I was getting electrocuted and that did the trick- she could hardly breath she was laughing so hard. It's all I could do to lighten the mood of the hour, my friends! 

Yesterday I left Sitora to play with Daddy in the living room, ran to my room, then started taking ridiculous pictures of myself to bring some laughs. Sometimes folks, we just have to lighten up and laugh at ourselves. It really does help! There's a verse in Psalms about how a merry heart is like medicine to the soul. It's true.

And who says you can't teach piano lessons and potty train at the same time?

Sincerely Yours,

Soggy Socks


  1. Potty training is annoying the first time because you've never done it before! You just have to do what is easiest for you. For us, we just set Luke down on the potty at almost every diaper change and encourage him to go. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doens't. Thankfully I've always had hard floors everywhere I've lived...that makes it easier. It's just pee. =) Poopy on the floor...that's another thing. We've had that a few times. Lol.

  2. lol. i love the piano pic.

  3. This is great Casey (not you losing your sanity part:) but for sure great memories to laugh about:). And YES, a merry heart is truly medicine for the soul! Pray for lots more laughs & rest for you! <3 April